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Next Generation Physical Exam

How well are your patients aging?

  • Determines a patient’s rate of aging
  • Detects sub-clinical disease states
  • Enables advanced risk assessment
  • Pinpoints the weakest body system
  • Helps direct age management interventions

PhysioAge Systems is a web-based software platform that provides
deeper insights into the status and function of your patients’ most important
physiological systems. Our system relies on a unique combination of
extensively-tested biomarkers that have been shown to highly correlate
with age. Tracking physiological age over time provides a clear and
detailed profile of a patient’s individual aging process and helps direct
age-management interventions. PhysioAge Systems technology is
now available to you as a means of better managing your patients’
health and measuring the effects of your treatment.




The most validated physiological age measurement system available

• Patent-pending medical technology
• An unparalleled and focused array of biomarker tests
• A composite score of an individual’s physiological age
• Medically and statistically sound interpretation
• Minimal investment required

PhysioAge Systems will:

• Differentiate your practice
• Increase patient retention
• Improve your bottom line
• Actually measure the effects of your treatment plan


Automated results interpretation (Available late 2011)

Intelligent reporting leveraging expert-system technology


PhysioAge Systems utilizes sophisticated algorithms and intelligent computation to provide an interpretation of all available results in the context of each other and the patient’s medical history. Our patent-pending expert system replicates the knowledge and analytical procedure of a highly-trained age management physician. Not only will this technology save you hours spent learning the intricacies of each biomarker, but it will also save time analyzing the results of every patient assessment.


Built on solid science

Medically and statistically sound interpretation

Our expert system is based on solid science – a deep knowledge of scientific literature, extensive clinical experience and careful statistical analysis of primary data. The accuracy of our assessment and the detailed view of physiological systems are crucial differences between our approach to assessing physiological age  and that of other systems. Rather than calculate physiological age based on secondary clinical studies conducted on different patient populations, we determined proprietary algorithms based on our own in-depth primary study.

We evaluated a large patient body and validated our algorithms and results in this population. We measured 120 attributes across 83 subjects to determine exactly how biomarkers correlate to each other in the same human subject. modelfromjochenCollecting various measurements from the same subject enables a deeper understanding of the aging process and a greater degree of statistical power.


Other approaches that combine single biomarker studies and results from multiple sources lose power and inevitably introduce biases and errors (including operator error, assay variation, and mixing of artifacts) that can create weak or unreliable results. To date, PhysioAge systems is the only solution that combines in-house algorithms and design to provide its customers with such explanatory power, reliability and individualized attention.


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