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Required Equipment

In order to collect the measurements required to calculate physiological age, you’ll need to purchase or lease three pieces of non-invasive equipment. Dr. Raffaele selected the most scientifically validated devices after a careful study of the literature.

SphygmoCor®  by Atcor Medical
The gold standard in central blood pressure assessment, the SphygmoCor has been used in more clinical studies than any other device. Central blood pressure has been shown to be a superior predictor of cardiovascular events. In fact, the Mayo Clinic has adopted the SphygmoCor as the standard hypertension screening device.

Functioning essentially like an non-invasive A-line, SphygmoCor®   takes a 10-second snapshot of the radial arterial pressure wave and derives the ascending aortic pressure wave, providing critical cardiovascular measurements including central blood pressure, aortic augmentation index, ejection duration and subendocardial viability ratio. Our algorithms calculate a CardioAge based on augmentation pressure, the most age-sensitive measurement generated.

MPA580 Cutometer® by C+K Electronics
The Cutometer® MPA 580 is the gold standard in dermatology to measure elasticity and other biomechanical parameters of the skin. The device uses gentle suction to draw the skin into the aperture of the probe, where penetration depth is determined by an optical measuring system. The resistance of the skin to be sucked up by negative pressure (firmness) and its ability to return into its original position (elasticity) are displayed as curves. Our algorithms calculate a CutoAge based on the most age-sensitive parameters of these curves.

IQspiro Digital Spirometer by Midmark Diagnostics®
The Midmark IQspiro™ Digital Spirometry System combines a digital spirometer with innovative software that makes it fast and easy to capture, interpret and retrieve patient information. The software features real-time feedback and coaching that ensures you collect consistent measurements every time. Our
algorithms calculate a PulmoAge based on FEV1 and other parameters.

We’ve negotiated substantial discounts with the manufacturers that we pass directly on to you. We’ll coordinate procurement, installation and configuration.

PhysioAge will install and configure all equipment as well as provide training to you and your staff. You are free to use your preferred leasing provider.

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