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What if I don't need everything you're offering?

PhysioAge Systems is a biomarker reporting solution that is available to any qualified physician as a standalone application to measure and manage physiological age.

PhysioAge Medical Group is a practice franchise that attempts to ensure the success in each new market by closely replicating the business & clinical model that has proven so successful in our NYC headquarters location. Working with similar systems and workflows ensures that we can not only maintain quality across all Partners, but also provide expert support when needed. Unlike other franchises, we only ask that you practice evidence-based medicine related to age management medicine. We provide training, protocols and clinical support, you decide how to practice medicine in the best interest of your patients.

How much will all of this cost me?

Compared with competitive offerings, our pricing is very reasonable. When you factor in the $1K/mo marketing contribution, your net cost is less than $0.

  • PhysioAge Partner 10-year licensing fee ($25K to $40K, depending on market size)
  • Biomarker installation, configuration & training ($1,900)
  • Biomarker Reporting fees ($50/report)
  • Travel expenses
  • Contact us for equipment pricing

What do I get for my licensing fee?

Your licensing fee grants you the following:

  • Market exclusivity and branding
  • $1K/mo marketing contribution
  • 3 days of 1-on-1 physician and staffer training in NYC
  • Practice Jumpstart Package: website, business cards, brochures, etc.
  • Professional marketing design services
  • Online marketing campaign development and management
  • Software installation, configuration and training
  • 3 years of clinical and operational support
  • Discounts on supplements, medications and labs

Partner Questions

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Contact Jerry Fortunato at 877-888-3210 or Jerry will ask a few questions and generate a detailed proposal that covers all the aspects of working together. Once you agree you’ll both sign a 3-year contract. This sets the ball rolling on a detailed project plan that encompasses virtually every aspect of opening and running your new practice. From contract signing to Grand Opening typically takes 3-4 months, depending on how quickly your new office becomes ready.

Taking the PhysioAge brand is required unless you only want the Biomarker Reporting solution. By leveraging our brand identity, you’ll be able project the same professional image we’ve carefully cultivated over the years.  You’ll be listed on our website as a member of our team, along with a full writeup on your practice and staff.  We’ll refer site visitors looking for an age management physician in your area.  Finally, you’ll enjoy market exclusivity for the duration of your contract.

We do not offer clinical training, but we do provide orientation in the PhysioAge Clinical Guidelines to those Partners who adopt the PhysioAge name. The American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine has an excellent program, as does Worldlink Medical.

We have no restrictions on additional services offered by our Partners, provided they are bona fide and not too controversial. Check with us for specifics.

Provided you are in compliance with local and federal regulations, you are free to charge your patients directly for blood tests.

In addition to blood, you are free to use whatever tests will enable you to best manage your patients' levels and symptoms. For your blood tests, we will work with Quest and/or Labcorp to create custom panels at deeply discounted prices.

Affiliation with the PhysioAge brand

Name recognition of the PhysioAge brand is increasing as we expand our web presence, advertising and event participation. Affiliation with our NYC clinic and our nationwide network of physicians will convey our endorsement: even patients who have never heard of PhysioAge will associate you with a high level of quality assurance, standardization and expertise after visiting our website. You will have received hands-on training by Drs. Livesey and Raffaele, two well-known experts in the field who opened the first and largest age management practice in the northeast. Through ongoing clinical support, your patients can tap into their expertise.


Referrals from

We will refer prospective patients from your regional area to your practice. We are investing to improve and maintain our search listings in Google, Yahoo!, and other major search engines. This investment will pay off for all of our Partners. You will have your own section of with site photos, staff photos, services provided, etc.


Expert marketing support

We’ll develop and manage a comprehensive marketing campaign specifically designed to attract patient prospects in your area. We’re currently investing in a market research study of the most effective keywords, ads, and channels for our practice. This study will actually tell us which ad combinations actually resulted in new patients. We’ll use this market intelligence to focus your marketing budget on the most effective ad combinations so you get the most out of every dollar.


Seminar management

Monthly Hormone Therapy seminars are a proven way to introduce prospective patients to your practice and establish your reputation as an expert in your field. In addition to providing a 45-slide PowerPoint deck, we’ll use a Facebook ad campaign to fill your seats.

Practice Toolbox Questions

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We'll upload electronic versions of all documents to our shared EMR (for documents containing patient details) or our shared Dropbox (for documents that don’t contain patient details). You and your staff will always be able to find the latest version of the right document from any PC.

Certainly - just contact us and we'll provide some samples via e-mail.

Consulting and Support Questions

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Clinical Support is only available to practices that become full Partners. That is, they adopt the PhysioAge brand.

We will provide ongoing support for the duration of your contract. Our initial contract term is 36 months, with automatic renewal for 12-month periods thereafter. We only ask that you use MedQuest Pharmacy as your preferred pharmacy.

Biomarker Testing Questions

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Our basic package requires only three devices: Sphygmocor, Cutometer and Spirometer. To generate a report you’ll need to purchase or lease all three devices.

Patient cost will depend on the equipment you choose to acquire and the blood tests they choose to take. Suggested retail price using the four required pieces of equipment is $195. This includes CardioAge, CutoAge, NeuroAge, PulmoAge and handgrip strength. Adding blood panels could cost significantly more, depending on tests ordered. Some insurance plans will cover the optional Quest/Labcorp panels. You are free to charge your patients any price you wish.

Of the PhysioAge components, TelomerAge and ImmunoAge require separate blood tests. See Health Status Indicators for a detailed breakdown of the tests required for each biomarker.

All biomarkers related to bone density, body composition, oxygen comsumption and CIMT rely on optional equipment (bone densitometer, InBody and ultrasound, respectively). You are not required to purchase or lease any of this optional equipment. However, Partners who adopt the PhysioAge brand must use the body composition machine in their practice.

The biomarker equipment fits on a standard computer cart, which must be situated next to an exam table. Both the Sphygmocor and the Cutometer occupy a space of about one square foot, and they sit stacked together.

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